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Adorning the Rogue Soul
Questions Answered

Q: My tracking number indicates the package was delivered, but I cannot find it.
A: Carriers occasionally leave a package at a gate house, apartment manager, building receptionist, or a neighbor's house. If delivered to a business, check with the mailroom. Please check with your carrier to see if they placed it somewhere out of view.  Otherwise, contact your local Post Office and seek assistance for a misdelivered package. Additionally, if you feel a theft has been committed you may visit USPS.    International- We do not have access to the postal depts in other countries. If an international order has been misdelivered,  customers  should contact their local postal service for assistance in locating the parcel.

 Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: Yes, International shipping is available. Due to import regulations, I cannot send to Germany, Italy, Mexico or Saudi Arabia.  Some items may only be available within the USA, as noted.

Q: Did you get my email? I haven't gotten a reply.
A: Email is usually answered promptly, generally within a few hours.  However, in crunch times, it may be a couple of days before you get a reply. Please check your spam folder. If you find my response there, just add to your safe list.   
Otherwise, look through this FAQ page, the answer is most likely here.

Q: I want everything shipped together. If I pick out some in stock items will you hold them for me until all the out of stock items I want are ready?
A:  Unfortunately, as of Jan 2011, bunch requests will not be accepted.  If you see something you need please get it while it's available.

Q: Do you have any job openings or internships available?
A: Nothing is available at present. If opportunities become available, they will be posted on the home page.

Q: Do you take trades? I want to upgrade my old Jack/J.D. beads to yours.
A: Sorry, I do not accept trades, since I offer only my own handmade items. I simply have no market for pre-owned items produced by others. If you have used items that you would like to sell, I suggest listing them on eBay or a forum like The Jack Sparrow Costuming Page.

Q: I have no money right now. Can I have items if I...
 1. Be your photo model?
 2. Advertise for you?
 3. Pay you later?
A: I'm NOT accepting any models/ads/installments/IOUs for goods. I receive at least 4-5 of these questions a month and simply cannot afford to accommodate these requests. 

Q: May I rent costume accessories?
A: No. Rental is not available to individuals. However, corporate clients may lease certain items for displays. Please contact for more information.

Q:Where did you get______?
A:  Sorry, I do not disclose any vendor information.

Q: I am making my own costume, I want to know the measurement/size/ length of coins, mermaid, beads, bones, etc.
A: Please visit one of the Sparrow costuming groups for info.
Unfortunately, I don't have the spare time to aid each person, individually. Emails with requests for dimensions will not be answered.


Q: Can I purchase wholesale? Can I have a discount?
A: I do larger commissions for the entertainment industry & other commercial establishments like museums, costume houses & theatres. Unfortunately, I cannot offer handcrafted items, to individuals, at wholesale pricing.

Q: Do you accept money orders or checks?
A:  Due to the time involved in removing "on hold" items from stock, loss of sales due to holds & restocking the unpaid items, Checks & Money Orders will no longer be accepted.  As of 9/30/09 ALL ORDERS must be paid by PayPal.

Q: Will you weather my my garments?
A: I no longer have time available to distress & weather items for individuals.
Depending on the item, I may be able to recommend someone to help you.

Q: I like to do my own costuming.
Do you sell the components that I
can complete myself?
: Yes, I aid & abet the DIY Jack Sparrows.

Q: I need it by next………
A: Rush orders can usually be accommodated. Fee is dependent on complexity & time frame. It should be noted that how quickly your order is be handled can vary considerably, dependant on upcoming events & holidays. Comicpalooza, Comic Con, Pyrate Con, Dragon Con, Necronomicon, Halloween, Movie premieres are some of the busiest times. 

Q: Do you make Sparrow frock & breeches? Do you make Baldrics? 
A: I’m not a seamstress, nor do I do large scale leather work.