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Statements from clients & customers

  • This Marlinspike is AWESOME! This is going to be the crown jewel of my wig.  D.M. 03/23/2016
  • Got the shrunken heads thank you very very much! I will def be doing more from you.  I will stop when I get a full tribe! S.H. 8/8/2015
  • Just received the chicken foot today and it's beautiful! I love how gorgeous the beads are, and I can already feel the energy from it. Thank you so much! C.G. 7/1/2015
  • That has to be the BEST chicken foot I’ve ever seen! Thank you very much!! - C.K. 05/05/2015
  • Hello! I received my order and just want to thank you. The piece of eight is wonderful and the beads for jacks beard braids are perfect! I can't wait to add these to my costume! I look forward to ordering from you again, soon! Thanks again! - Danny V.  06/27/2014
  • Quick, helpful, and some of the best Jack Sparrow items I've ever purchased anywhere!
    Simply Amazing!!! Chris Warner 10/03/2011


  • Got my Black Beard Dangles and they are fantastic!!! Thanks
    Chris Smith 06/25/2011

  • A SUPER BIG THANK YOU TO SWAGARTS.COM for the mini Jack size animal pelts!
    Mojo Turbo  05/17/2011
  • ALWAYS the best place to shop for Captain Jack Sparrow swag!!!!
    P.K. 05/09/2011
  • Absolute Perfection in Capt. Jack, Pirate, Johnny Depp, and Voodo Swag! 
    J.J.M 05/08/2011
  • Got my pelts, chicken foot, & trinket set!That was fast shipping and awesome service!
    Thx so much! A.A .  4/28/2011
  • Une place incontournable pour vos items!
    Sparrow Party 05/25/2010
  • Recently I received my Depp skull necklace, pendant chain and just wanted to say how amazing it is. The size, weight, feel AND look makes me think it came right off his neck ;)
    Warm regards, ST  2/13/2009
  • This bottle is a work of art!! Even better than I imagined it. Really easy to grip and the cork pops in and out just right. It's like she got it right off the POTC1 movie set.. Bravo Jill!!
    D.J. C  9/22/2008
  • Just received my package. AMAZING! I'm very pumped to put this stuff on my Jack, your work is awesome. Tye 7/23/2008
  • Everything arrived safely and in perfect condition here in Luxembourg. By the way, the sail needle is awesome, fantastic, perfect, etc. I love it. I will be back for more soon, and not only for Sparrow items Thanks and best regards, Christian 7/10/08


  • Hey! Good news.. I got my new charms today! As always I am more than impressed with the crafting of these wonderful pieces.. You should add to the description that the pictures do NOT do these justice. You can't really know how good these are until you get them in your hands and feel the weight and see the durability for yourself. Thanks again, Jill! Keep me updated on any new stuff you make. Mike - Lead Vocals Halix  7/2/2008


  • I just wanted to thank you for such great quality items.  I had originally purchased a Sparrow set from someone on Arrbay. I was mad when the paint flaked off the blue coin & the sail needle was too short. Added to that the big bead strand had moslty plastic or wood beads that were painted to look like authentic beads.   But, you came to the rescue & fast! Fixed all the problems.  I'm passing your name along!  Many Thanks,  Chris S.  7/01/08


  •  I received the package and in your usual fantastic style you have done your magic again!   Thanks so much for all your hard work and the superbly crafted and supremely accurate Sparrow-wares ..... You truly are the best!  Anyone who shops elsewhere is missing out!
    Your Biggest Fan, Bill aka Captain Jack www.reallygoodeggs.com  6/25/08


  • We received our order! May I just say that you are a true artist at what you do! Everything is flawless and I am very, very pleased! THANK YOU so much once again for supporting the show Jill! We really can't thank you enough!  If there is anything else we might possibly need for the show, I will definitely let you know!
    Cheers and God bless,Hilly   www.TheHillywoodShow.com  6/12/08


  • I just wanted to let you know that I got my swag today and I love every peice of it... I expected good but, you made it a great experience.. I'll be keeping my eye on the page for more pirate swag... and I'll be replacing my wigs beads pretty soon too. :) Swag Arts Rules!!!
    Thanks again, Mike (Capt. Jack Sparrow - Austin Tx) 6/06/08


  • Hey Jill, got my stuff today and am blown away. Now my Sparrow is complete, thank you so much. Cheers! J.C. 5/9/2008


  • Ahoy Jill, My package showed up today. WOW what an amazing array of bits and pieces, these will really add a touch of authenticity to the costume. Totally love your work. Thank you so much for doing a set for me so quickly. Should anyone ask where they came from i will refer them straight to your web site. G.F. 05/01/2008


  • Two reasons for writing this: one, to let you know that I just received the item I ordered and the shipping was very fast, and two, to tell you that your work is extremely exceptional. The charm is identical to Colonel Depps and I want to thank you over and over again. I'll be ordering more! Thanks again for being timely on shipping, your talent exceeds your price (by the way)! Cheerio... M.A. 3/28/08    


  •  Holy moly!  What a BEAUTIFUL set of charms you created.  Wow!  I showed my wife and she insisted that send this note to let you know how DELIGHTED we are with your work.  That little mermaid is my favorite.  :) Dave   5/23/2007  


  • It truly is a treat for me since there are so few people that actually have the experience and talent that you do in acquiring all of the authentic stuff!  What would I do with out me Tia J?  I get a kick out of getting swag from you because it makes me feel like I'm getting it from Disney Studios... but better because you are so helpful. By the way, the mermaid looks great! Can't wait to get more swag. :-) CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow - Atlanta  1/22/2007


  •  Jeez! the world is so tiny!!! So, you're who made that amazing necklace? It's really awesome. I think you make a really good job. Thanks a lot, and please, keep us amazed ;)
    Cheers from Barcelona,
    Ed 11/11/2006


  • Just wanted to thank you for this beautifully crafted skull beads charm! It is exquisite in every way, down to the colors and choice of beads. My daughter is a Johnny Depp fan, and she knows what his charm looks like, so she was amazed at the similarity. The workmanship is flawless!
    Thank you so much for this beautiful item. Sincerely yours, D.F.  10/9/2006


  • I just received the Sparrow jewelry, WOW!! I'm totally impressed! The Sail Needle and the "blue" coin  look great! You did an AWESOME JOB. Your input and total Art pieces are GREAT, Thanks again. Your talent is very appreciated. Your 'REAL' Jack Sparrow M.M.  9/13/2006



Past Ebay Feedback


Perfect! Incredbily swift shipping! Item is so beautiful; will be back again!
countessdelioncourt Apr-19-08

Excellent!!! worth evey penny!!! I was more than pleased with this!! Thanks!!!!!
angelus0620  Dec-31-07


Very Cool!! Just like in the movie!!!

titoa1 Nov-13-07


These are fantastic, they look identical. love ‘em.

maestromatt88  Nov-07-07 

 One of the best for Jack Sparrows swag!!!! Dead-on accurate!!!!!!!
seeksmermaid Oct-25-07

Capt. Jack Sparrow scarf & beads set very accurate.

wimpysquisto  Oct-24-07 

 Just doesn't get any more screen accurate than SwagArts, savvy?
chetter42 Sep-15-07

 Amazing. Custom deal to suit my needs. Wonderful!!!

dnightwishg Sep-11-07


Unique pieces & awesome quality. This IS the real deal. SUPERIOR by far to others.

 cicelskowitz Aug-23-07


Always great! Buy from this seller you won't be disappointed!

bradm617  Aug-22-07


Amazing.... I love your items.

dyan6660  Aug-16-07



 carolina*dragonfly Jul-12-07



carolina*dragonfly Jul-05-07



carolina*dragonfly Jul-05-07


Once again...I am amazed! Extremely high quality and definitely worth the price!

cpickell1987 Jul-01-07 


The items were fantastic, it's as if they were stolen off Captain Jack himself!

captaingrahamlee Jun-26-07 


AWESOME!!! Just like his. Or is that mine? Love it. AAA+++

throck2 Jun-25-07


Great Quality. This is the Real Deal Folks!

cicelskowitz Jun-19-07 


ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Perfect replicas and extremely reasonable price

capt.jack Jun-04-07 


Incredible service and amazing craftsmanship. Choose Swagarts! Amazing!!!

trekkerguy May-22-07


Beautiful item, swift delivery, the best replica I have seen. Happy to buy from

jaina_organasolo  May-22-07 


Simply awesome

knightofchicago May-03-07



kiri_frost Apr-30-07


Has the coolest jewelry in this genre.

tribalgrove  Apr-17-07   


Freaking really cool cell phone charm beautifully made.

purplebbv Apr-06-07 


Wished there were more like you, totally awesome service My flag is dipped to ya.

cr8444 Mar-27-07 


Quality jewelry not to be matched on Ebay or anywhere, U R the best.

 imbugman Feb-16-07 


As always, great pirate bling! Love the dangles! And the service.

vickyr812 Jan-04-07 


The absolute best and most creative seller I've worked with! Yo Ho!

hosetlhkasara Dec-18-06 


Jack Sparrow Beads are Beautiful! Absolutely Perfect! Thanks!

pmnav3 Oct-10-06 


Flawless craftsmanship on beaded charm, exquisite work, a real artist!!!!!

farthingdr Oct-09-06 



cousinvinnieoftucson Oct-07-06 


Awesome! This seller makes an effort to cater to your needs.

atlantasun Oct-02-06  



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